About Chef Mark

Chef Mark of Marks Caribbean Cuisine

Mark Jathan, also known as Chef Mark…

is the owner/operator of


“Home of Healthy Jamaican Foods”
Chef Mark is the leading authority on cooking healthy Jamaican food. He is known as the Jerk Pro, because of his skill in the art of mixing and grilling with the ‘Jerk Spices & Seasonings’ that makes the Jamaican Jerk dishes featured on the menu so exquisite…. And, of course, healthy.

Chef Mark’s motto is:

 Eat Healthy. Enjoy Jamaican Food. Experience Caribbean Ease.

Visitors to the restaurant will feel the casual warmth and elegance of the Caribbean and experience the flavor of  authentic Jamaican Cuisine.

For local residents, Mark’s Caribbean Cuisine is a special place where they go for good taste, comfortable style, and welcoming atmosphere. It’s where they enjoy the pleasures of fine dining–without the pretentious, overly formal feel of typical fine dining restaurants.

Dazzle your taste buds with any one of our exquisite menu items, entice your senses with the best of Mark’s jerk food and other specialty dishes, and stay well with the quality, fresh, healthy herbs, spices, and other seasonings and ingredients that is included in every dish.

What is Jamaican Jerky?

You can easily make jerked foods at home with a good recipe and an understanding of the requisite ingredients.  Jerk seasoning has three main ingredients:  chili pepper, allspice berry and thyme.  Other spices and herbs (which may include cinnamon, ginger, doves, garlic and onion depending on the cook) are combined with these and are applied to the food which is then allowed to marinated.  Finally, food is grilled to tender perfection.

Because Jerk seasoning is always used with GRILLED Jamaican meals, it is a healthy and tasty alternative to the fried foods served at most fast food restaurants and it is just as quick, easy, and affordable.

But be forewarned–if you cannot handle spicy-hot foods, jerk may not be for you! Deletion of the chili pepper vastly changes the end product and it’s just not jerk without the heat!


Marks Caribbean Cuisine offers several ways to enjoy our food:

  • Dine-in. Walk-ins are always Welcome!
  • Make a Reservation. Call ahead and reserve a table in advance, if it is more convenient.
  • Take-out. Call-in or Order Online (see our online menu to make your selection and place your order)

If you’re planning an event, contact Chef Mark for a catering consultation and he’ll help you plan a customized menu for any of the following events:

  • Family or School Reunions
  • Graduation Celebrations
  • Wedding or Baby Showers
  • Or…any other Special Events

Chef Mark offers several discount offers each week that is sure to entice your taste buds. A few of the more popular specials include:

  • Daily $4.50 Specials. Served 11:00AM to 2:00PM Mondays to Thursdays (Call ahead for faster service)
  • Internet Specials. Web-only discount of 10% off all the time when you register online. You’ll get a special word for the month to use when you place your order.
  • Club Specials. Join Mark’s For Mark’s Friends Only club (FMFO) and receive ongoing special offers and discounts, along with tips, recipes, along with your free subscription to Chef Mark’s newsletter, ‘On The Menu’, and so much more…


  Monday – Thursday……………………. 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Fridays ………………………………………. 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Saturdays ………………………………….. 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
 Sundays …………………………………….. 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM


10034 University Blvd
Orlando, FL 32817
Phone: 407.699.8800

Email: Contact Mark’s Caribbean Cuisine

Website: Mark’s Caribbean Cuisine

Try us….. and we KNOW that you’ll be back for more!